Interview – A Sharing From Me

In the end of 2004, after I got the job that I have now, I received an email from my UTP friend regarding some tips for the interview. I was in Tehran that time and the first Ramadhan I celebrated outside Malaysia. It was a winter, alone in Iran – an embargo country, and surprised me, no others my ex-UTP friends tried to contact me (even so called my ‘sahabat sahabiah’) except this fellow UTP junior. Erm, anyway, the topic is about the interview and not my experience in Iran. So, let talk about the subject. So, as my social responsibility to share the knowledge in what ever form it is, I replied back the email to this fellow……



Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise be to Allah. Peace and safety upon you all. Selawat and salam to our Prophet Muhammad SAW, ‘sahabah’s and people who believe in Allah.

It is my pleasure to share with you my experience and what I have about the job interview. I hope all these things will help you and become one of the ‘amal that blessed by Allah. Basically interview company Y ‘tak la susah sgt’ (ayat sedapkan hati)… just like other interview session. Before we attend the interview…. the first thing that we must question ourselves is why they conduct this interview and what are the things that they are going to get from us. For more details, please refer Graduate magazine 2004 edition. It is a very nice article about resume preparation until the tips to perform in the interview. Better read this book before the interview since I did that before and got some strength and motivation after that. Read again one day before interview and believe in me, you will not be in the situation you loose your control and out of focus during the interview.

For the company like Y, they conduct this type of interview in order to find people who have the characteristics, personal behavior and value that their employee must have in order to perform some what can I say, tough job. So, you as much as possible try to show that you have this kind of profiles during the interview. But, bear in mind; don’t give too much ‘bullshit’ to the interviewer since they organize the 1st interview like an informal one; just some talk about yourself and your experiences. A ‘question and answer’ session is based on what you say to them. These are the Y engineer’s profiles that they try to find from you:

  • Self-motivated, disciplined, self-starter
  • Positive, non-obstructive attitude
  • Self confidence in communication
  • Ability to handle stress
  • Mobility
  • Analytical and problem solving ability
  • Adaptability to all working situations and cultures
  • Safety attitude
  • Service company attitude
  • Training Culture (Continuous learning)

That’s all from me my dear and my valuable friend. Make sure you practice and be prepared before the real interview with something special about you that you think they will get interested. Till then, wish u all the best and good luck in your interview.

With warmest regards,


That was my reply to the guy who asked me for the tips for the company Y interview. Off course, everything is depend on you, yourself and remember to link your effort to the God who decide which one is good for us……


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