Paris Again But Different View

Salam guys,

I’m here in the lobby corner of the Grand Hotel- Plessis Robinson, waiting for the taxi going to the CDG Airport. I have to check out early but the taxi will come in 4 hours. So, just ‘rig up’ my laptop and get connected to the internet. For your info, EU 5 was charged for 24 hrs connection from the time of the first log in, no matter you are connected or not after that – quite blood sucker way in doing bussines. I don’t understand why it is so different compare to Malaysia which most of the hotel provide free Wi-Fi internet access. No wonder the cost of life in Europe is too high. Erm, maybe some of you wondering, why I’m in Paris now instead of the dessert of Saudi Arabia?  I’m here for a 2 weeks long company related business and this is a technical one compared to the one that I had before early this year. To my dear Fae, sorry, you can’t join me this time….. be a good optometrist kay!!!

I arrived in Paris on 1st of June ’08 with another team mates from another location worldwide. However, the course finished last week for the other guys but I have to continue another one week and today is the last day I’m here in Paris. Having a good day here this time but with another responsibility.

During the first week, we enjoyed ourselves well and everyday after the working hours, we went out to Paris from Clamart using RER @ Robinson station. Most of the time we wnet to St.Michael for the halal kebab and after that we will decide where we should go. Another guy who was in the group was also a guy with photo interest. Maybe I have to publish some of his photos here. Thanks to ‘’.

Compilation of the photos

Kutipan Photo - credit to Tabratas


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