i know what i did last trip …

Finally, I’m back in Saudi after a quite long vacation and day off. Many thanks to Allah for giving me a chance to celebrate/ join my wife convocation, lived the holy month of Ramadhan in Malaysia rather than in the dessert and also celebrating Eid with my family. What a relieve this time beside the tiredness of rush before, moved from Saudi-KL-KB-KL-KT-KB-KL for my wife preparation to further her study. Thanks to my boss for the understanding.

Congaratulation to Fae for her first convocation ( I said first because you have to be prepared for the second one). Congratulation also for her who successfully grab the MARA SPC and further her study in Manchester, UK. No worries my dear, you always have my support. Sorry, I can’t share the photos of her convocation because I put it in Fae’s laptop. Hope you can back it up in DVDs or CDs my dear for the unexpected thing that can be happen with your laptop. Fae’s convocation is also a good story to share because it was the first time I can be inside the IIUM convocation hall, on the first day of the event, the first time to see the Sultan of Pahang in live event, the first time for Fae of course and also Allied Health Science, IIUM Kuantan’s campus first batch convocation. What a coincidence, this convo is also the first time for IIUM to use their new dress code with robe and mortar board which is same as other universities and not as unique as before with songkok and tudung anymore.

Pre-event…. Fae already travelled from KT with her family and stay in Abg Apit’s house in Salak Tinggi. After I arrived from Saudi-KL-KB, my mum, Kak Mah and I took a flight from KB to KL. Wan had something to do in Penang regarding NUTP even he already retired. Abang Apit and Fae came to pick up us in the airport and we stayed there for one night. Then we all stayed in Grand Season hotel in order to be nearer to IIUM before the convo event in the morning. Aduhai Cik Fae….. she was very surprised to see her inaugural new IIUM robe was not well ironed as she expected in the morning and we don’t have time for that. So, she have to wear it by hook or by crook. You are still cute and wonderful in my eyes my dear even with that robe…hehehehe.

After the event, something happen and Walid was sent to Hospital Selayang. We all was in shocked due to this. Thanks to Allah again, nothing happen to Walid. He was only too tired and need some rest. First time for Walid to be warded in his life and it was on Fae convo day. 😉

Walid, Umi, Naimah and Nuha went back to KT by bus the day after and Ma and Kak Mah went back the night after. Fae and I had to stay in KL for a couple of days in order to settle down the paperwork with MARA and also UK VISA application. We stay in Abang Apit’s house and also Kak Fizah’s house during these few days and for goodness’s sake, finally we were able to spend our time together. 😉

VISA to UK was another good story with the flight ticket that need to be changed and changed. Fortunately, I already booked Emirates flight with can be changed anytime without penalty. Hard time for Fae and me, but because of that at least now I know how to go to British embassy. I don’t want to write down about it because I don’t like the hassle that Fae and me had to face because of that. Am I right Afee ??? I drove the car in Ramadhan from KB-KT-Kuantan-KL because of this and we travelled together with a wonderful memories. Hope Fae will not forget all the memories, event and trip that we were together.

Fae and I went to Manchester from KLIA. Before that, a day before, Walid and Umi came from KT with a flight. However, Fae, Ma, Wan, Ayah Jik and me drove a car from KB via Gua Musang road. We met at Abang Apit house. However, due to VISA problem (not ready actually), they have to go back home before our flight and we have to wait in KL and to be specific, at Abang Apit house. Thanks to everybody for their time and support. We are really appreciate it. The story of our journey to Manchester will be covered later. Anyhow, I had to leave Fae in Manchester for her academic matter and celebrated Hari Raya in Manchester herself alone while I was in Malaysia. So, I hope by now she already can feel the ‘best’ moment in her life which is also a sweet memories in UK. Fourth day of Hari Raya, I already left Malaysia with Gulf Air and looking forward for the task and job waiting for me in Saudi. May Allah SWT bless us always and do not turn our Iman from the right path. Ameen.

* got a new call from boss (just before I finalize this posting), they want to send me to Kuwait for a special mission…… ;(

Iftar Family Hajjah Halimah

Iftar Family Hajjah Halimah


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  1. 1

    majeeda said,

    Assalamu alaykum wbrt..

    well.. what a long, sweet and sour stories.. after hustle and bustle we managed to go through all these matter together.. Alhamdulillah.. thanks dear for all of your supports (mentally, emotionally, spiritually).. i don’t know what would happen if u just didn’t get ur holiday.

    before the journey matter is the first part but the second part would be more suffer.. being ‘left’ (left= tinggalkan sekejap) by my hubby due to his responsibilities to his job, taught me many things.. how to survive with no families around yet you only have friends (if u r married, adviseable to bring your spouse). you also really need somebody that is closer to you, to support, to console.. and a shoulder to cry on..:) seriously, being postgrad here is different with undergrad as most of the time u’ll be alone..

    Only Allah knows my feelings.. In positive way,thanks to Allah for giving such opportunity in a way that i’m learning to be more independent and ‘mature’ person..

    in addition, thanks to the advancement in technology, i would be able to reduce the degree of sadness and loneliness.. Abang, thanks again for ur super extra supportssss..! when i’m thinking back, it such wonderful experiences for both of us.. we always manage to spend and maximise our one month together..:) even it is quite limited time for married couples to be together but for me, quality is better than quantity..;)


  2. 2

    kakikiri said,

    thanks dear for the comment. be happy and smile always.

  3. 3

    Tim said,

    Nice article… thanks for sharing.. keep it up ^^

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