dari padang air ke manchester (from padang air to manchester) ….the movie

tunggulah kemunculannya nanti…hehehe….

Episod Baru Dalam Hidup Afee.....

Episod Baru Dalam Hidup Afee.....

p.s: movie bintang air mata @ etc ???? hehehehe


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  1. 1

    majeeda said,

    let me the one who comments you on this so called short ‘flim’..

    first of all.. thanks for introducing me as a heroin this short film.. even, bintang air mata pun.. i don’t mind dear.. as long as u always there for me..’virtual shoulder to cry on..’ hehe..

    it’s such wonderful and interesting presentation.. i love it very much!thanks dear.. at least it can be a medicine for both of us.. imagination that you are always with me.. 🙂 S.M.I.L.E


  2. 2

    kakikiri said,

    hehehehe….. as you wish…..

  3. 3

    Zach said,

    Hola leng! wah, bejalan jer kejer dia..bestnya tgk gmbr2 korg..nak tanya soalan sensitip skek, afee tuh wifey erk?? hehehe..ako nie kan tetinggal skek bab2 neh..hoho..klah, nice to see u guys happily n safely livin in the ground of others..take care mate!

  4. 4

    kakikiri said,

    Hola Abe Zach…. thanks for the comment. Yup, Afee is my dear wifey, aka Fae.

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