What Happen To Our MYR????

Today, just read a comment from our new appointed (actually cross-changed portfolio) Finance Minister, Datuk Najib regarding our nation’s economic condition in this so called recession time. He said, no need to worry, our economic condition is good. Indeed, Eurocopter issue, MYR 5 billion KWSP money issue and so on will make the nation in other situation. And have a look at our MYR value compared to USD eventhough USD already become weaker and weaker……

Our MYR value

Our MYR value

Hopefully, government will do something. And, very sad to say, eventhough Pakatan Rakyat already asked to review our next year budget, no positive feedback from the government. The budget was made using the oil price at that time more than USD 100 and now the price already USD 62. Look at our ‘minyak sawit’ (palm oil), the price also in bad situation. Hopefully, the government will learn something from the last general election. So, as per Obama, (bak kata Obama), time to change.


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  1. 1

    captain_zed said,

    hish, awak tuh dah dok europe pun risaukan lagi ker pasal RM-RM nie?? her her her..adakah mengenangkan nasib kami di sini?? ah so sweet~

  2. 2

    waswar said,

    hehe..nice comment from you…at least ade la mu wat homework jgk…

  3. 3

    waswar said,

    and HEPI BESDAY…. kaki kiri…hehe

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