Good VDO To Know My Job and My Life…..

Who ever want to know my life and my job, this video from YouTube is very interesting to look at. Eventhough it was made in China, but, the life here in Saudi almost same. Presenting to you…….. BlueWorld….


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  1. 1

    majeeda said,

    thanks for the video that is made from china..
    dapat jugak info how life on the lonely desert..
    mmg agak tak best and m’bosankan.. but, this is where u need to find
    stg that can make urself enjoyable..

    so, have u find your key of enjoyness? tak nak share ke? 🙂
    hopefully it can help others on how to avoid depress and appreciate on what they have..;)
    may be u can write stg on this interesting matter dear.. looking forward to hear from you..;>

  2. 2

    kakikiri said,

    erm…. okay…. wait and see….thanks for the comment. Really appreciate it.
    shaybah…here I come again….

  3. 3

    isser said,

    ade kije kosong dok? nk join….nk join!

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