Time To Change My Wallpaper…. (the evolution)

Erm, let talk about what will happen next year. Some people predict a lot of surprise next year with this worldwide economic crisis, oil price going down the lowest in 5 years, employers reducing the number of their employees and so on. What should we do? Is it enough to just wait and see, or be a proactive (proactive leadership at all level – 5QP) to be prepared for the unexpected or what are your plans? Erm, I think you know yourself better , what you want and what you prioritize in this so called short life.

BTW, just to share my wallpaper evolution since 2006 (actually 2005). This is what you will do when you are drilling in gas area in Saudi – need to know how to kill your time bebeh.

starting like this one.....

starting like this one.....

then, the next year…… the evolution effect make it like this…..

more stuff

more stuff

and finally in 2008…….

not that much in 2008

not that much in 2008

so, a few days more to go and am I prepared to cross 2008 and put 2009? It is very hard to say with GFE project need to be done and a new chapter of life also need to take into consideration. Any way, please take care of yourself whoever read this blog, a lot of surprise will be surface next year and we don’t know how big the surprise. However, that is not that important compared to how good our preparation – expect the unexpected, back up plan, etc. Good bye 2008 and 2009……….. here I come with all the best.

** yg tersirat dari yang tersurat….( like subject karangan in form 5 – isi tersurat vs isi tersirat, yang tersirat lagi banyak markah boleh dapat).


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  1. 1

    wffariza said,

    ntahla…tak pernah boleh nk differentiate tersurat dengan tersirat! tengok straight jah sokmo! hahaha

  2. 2

    kakikiri said,

    thanks chik for leaving the comments…. aloh… demo dulu buat karangan BM kira power jugakla…. merendah diri la plak… 😉

  3. 3

    majeeda said,

    betul kak fathin… tersiratnyer bukan dalam tersurat.. hanya diri yg menulis memahaminya.. erm.. jadi better straight to the point jer kan..??
    klik 😉

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