Salam Awal Muharram 1430H and Happy New Year 2009M

Salam to all readers (macamla ramai sangat yg intai blog dia 😉 )….

Wishing you all a happy new year of 1430 Hijriah and 2009 Masihi. No matter it is Hijriah or Masihi, the time goes by very fast and we are a step closer to the end of the life. What should we do with the fact that we are not well prepared for that? I don’t know but I care…. The world became so small with the name of globalization and information technology, but if the world is so small, then how small is ourself? hehehehe…

Happy new year…. semoga tahun-tahun yang mendatang membawa seribu makna yang mendekatkan kita pada yang Esa, bukan dilarakan dengan kehidupan dunia…. oh, Ya Rahman, hamba-Mu ini banyak dosa…. ampunkanlah dosa-dosaku yang lepas ya Allah, ya Rabbul Jalil…

BTW, as UK now is snowing, and it is a winter as well in Saudi, my blog now also kind of snowing….. hehehehe 😉

Erm, before i forget….. I dah decide dah…. I crossed 2008 in my wallpaper and put 2009 with some additional stuff…. let ‘rock&roll’ 2009 with some ‘songs’ that make us different from yesterday and make us special from other people. I come I come


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