Moving To A New Base and On Loan To Qatar

We are moving to a new base, known as Dhahran OFS Share Base (DOSB). We started to move end of last year but for me, I came to this new base for the first time after came back from UK in ‘sejuk’ mode overthere. Everything new is good for sure but the distance from Euro Village to the base is the main problem. It is about 30 minutes travel by car compared to only 10 minutes for the old base. Taking a taxi will cost us SAR 35 for one way trip instead of SAR 20 before. Since I had to stay more in the base a few weeks ago, I decided to make use my Saudi driving license by renting a car (Toyota Corola 2007) and drive it to the base and go out to down town Khobar.  It is not that bad to drive a car in Saudi but it is really challenging especially to deal with infamous Saudi driver. Dammam- Khobar Highway, Dhahran – Khobar Highway, Pepsi Road, Malaysian Kitchen, Thai House, Rashid Mall, Rahmaniah Mall, and etc. are the famous place in Khobar.

Saudi and Al-Khobar

Where is Saudi In Middle East?

Let see some interesting pictures of these place….. hehehehehe

Al-Hubar is Al-Khobar....

Al-Hubar is Al-Khobar....

Rashid Mall (Cdt to Bishr Alnahdi - Flickr)

Rashid Mall (Cdt to Bishr Alnahdi - Flickr)

Dhahran Mall

Rashid Mall

Khobar view in Corniche (Cdt to Abdalaziz Alrumaih )

Khobar view in Corniche (Cdt to Abdalaziz Alrumaih )

Bahrain From Khobar Corniche (Cdt to Nick Hardcastle - Flickr)

Bahrain From Khobar Corniche (Cdt to Nick Hardcastle - Flickr)

These are a few pictures of the place that I’m working now – the famous Al-Khobar, Ash-Sharqiyah, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. I don’t have that much pictures of my own after the incident in 2005 that the police came to one of my friend and told him not to take the picture in public.

I suppose to go to Qatar (on loan) scheduled on 16 Feb 09, but because of Saudi exit-reentry VISA, I’m still here in Khobar. Already got Qatar VISA but this funny Saudi GRO said due to some technical  issues, they could not process the VISA. What the hell is that? Any how, a couple of calibrations, wipe tests and basket tests for the tools are waiting for me in base. Need to prepare and help the guys in Qatar for their first GVR4 job as well…… then just now got a phone call from car rental company asking about when I will return the car….. huhuhuhu…. no problem chief, I’ll return it to you as soon as possible whenever I don’t need to use it anymore.


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  1. 1

    majeeda said,

    rashid mall tu mcm best jer… wink 🙂

  2. 2

    kakikiri said,

    huhuhuhu…… ader byk lagi mall kat khobar ni….. tapi yg paling masyuk Rashid Mall la… 😉

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