Terasa Baru Semalam……

We are married more than 1 year already but feel like it was just few days ago….

Erm, let the pictures explain everything…..

wan afee wedding 2007

wan afee wedding 2007

These are not all the pictures but at least make me remember the sweetest moment in our life…. tak gitu Afee???


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  1. 1

    majeeda said,

    Emm.. betul-betul-betul..:)

    Terkadang slip of tongue bila my frens tanya
    Frens: ‘da berapa lama kawen?’
    Me: ‘about one month dah..’ opps..

    The secret is long distance relationship, even it doesn’t get any easier but you have to stay in positive and dedicated as love conquers all and i am very much in love.. 😉

  2. 2

    kakikiri said,

    hehehehe….. let move to the new episode of long distance runner…ops…long distance couple….. 😉

  3. 3

    oneadda said,

    hoho. hepi belated 1st anniversary. ek?

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