Salam Muharam 1432H

Salam Muharam 1432H untuk semua….jua 2011M yang hampir tiba….
Hidup mmg indah kalau pandai kita mengolah, tapi sesekali jgn dilupa, alam baka pasti menjelma jua…..


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  1. 1

    halimwan said,

    mateen bangun tgh malam ajak main2 dgn

  2. 2

    halimwan said,

    mateen’s photo was snapped by his lovely mother @ 2:00am
    using her iPhone 3G and was edited little bit to show up mateen’s
    face expression. 😉

    • 3

      mummymateen said,

      yes, he loves to play in the middle of my sleep..
      same thing today, wake me up with smiley face and cutey laugh and ask me to play with him..:)

  3. 4

    waswar said,

    mateen bulat..makuteeeeen…teennn…

  4. 5

    halimwan said,

    mateen dah ada rambut….. please compare dgn mateen before ada rambut…hehehehe…. life changes very fast….

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