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Executive summary …. Demo pehe ko dok?


Acoustic Emission (AE) evaluation is one of the fast growing non-destructive techniques, owing to its ability to reveal in advance of any impending failure of a building structure. This capability makes the so called passive ultrasonic technique a very good tool in structural health monitoring; especially for composite structures. In metallic structures, AE technique is currently well established and able to provide accurate and consistent result. However, in composites, the challenge for a reliable AE results is huge due to the orthotropic behaviour of the materials. The present study investigates the energy attenuation of AE signals in thin composite plate and utilized the attenuation pattern into non-velocity based source location detection. Standard Hsu-Nielsen source location testing was applied on a glass fibre epoxy resin laminate and a single channel AE system was used to acquire AE signals with the support from AEWin software for signal analysis. A linear source location algorithm utilizing AE signals energy attenuation patterns was developed and tested for the composite specimen. The results revealed that the source location algorithm provides reasonably accurate results of source location for glass fibre epoxy resin laminate.

Translate to bahasa oghe kito:

Penilaye pancare akustik ni, so daripado jenih jenih kekdoh dok musnoh (NDT) hok berkembe derah lo nih. Mugo bare ni buleh royak awa-awa, bilo struktur bina e tu ado pat hok rosok (walau sebesar kume pong) dale dio. Sebak tu lah bare nih jadi bendo hok sangak molek, kalu nok cek setagho mano keadae so so struktor bina e. Dale bare besi, kekdoh ni meme kemah molek doh. Dio buleh wi rizak hok kemah keming ketepate dio. Tapi gak, dale behe komposit, bendo ni jaddi beghak, payoh, mugo behe ni jenih dok sekato atao pung oghe putih ghoyak, behe jenih peranga orthotropic. Kajie hok ambo buak ni, nok tra siasak, pah nok kelih setagho mano tahap pengurange tenago dari signa pancare akustik nih, bilo signa nih lalu atah pape komposit nipih. Peten atao cagho parah tenago tu koho kughe bilo lalu atah behe komposit ni, bulih kito guno nok caghi punco signa akustik tu tubik. Ambo guno kekdoh ujiye Hsu-Nielsen untuk stat punco signa atah pape komposit, pahtu gak mesin pancare akustik (AE) denga sebutir sensor, ambo guno nok ditek signar AE tuh. Mudoh jah. Pahtu, ambo guno kekdoh ‘cari punco signa’ hok ambo buak sendiri guno programming komputor. Rizak dio molek, boleh kato tepak jugok la kalu nok cari punco signa: atau denga kato laing, kekdoh ni buleh buak caghi punco crack dale behe komposit.

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